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Welcome to Our Practice

My staff and I would like to welcome you to our endodontic office. As an endodontic specialty practice, we have advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the dental pulp, or nerve space within the tooth. We are experienced in treating complicated root-canal cases and specialize in diagnosing and relieving oral pain and traumatic injuries to the teeth. The endodontist is an important member of the dental care team. All of our patients are referred by general dentists, dental specialists, and physicians.

Our Purpose
"We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality endodontic care and we are committed to making your visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The strictest infection control procedures are always followed, and we use only the latest equipment, materials, and techniques in order to help you save your teeth."
Computed Tomography (CT) and Digital Radiography
Tataryn Endodontics is proud to announce that we have incorporated Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) as well as digital radiography in our practice. The incorporation of focused field CT scanning allows for precise 3-D examination of root anatomy (curvature, length, and number of canals), enhanced early diagnosis of pathology (precise location and extent), and accurate pre-surgical anatomic evaluation. With digital radiography, the most important benefits to you as a patient are an amazing 90% lower radiation dosage and increased diagnostic accuracy compared with conventional x-ray techniques.
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